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picture of the front cover of the book Resume Writing: Tips and tricks for a Standout Resume. Expert Strategies for Crafting a Resume that Gets Results

Resume Writing: Tips and Tricks For a Standout Resume

Expert Strategies for Crafting a Resume that Gets Results


Empower Yourself and Your Organization: Transformative Resume Insights Await!

Unlock the secrets of crafting a compelling resume with our latest publication. Perfect for those who favor the DIY approach this guide offers invaluable strategies that can be employed individually or adapted for program or organizational training. 

The Book

Authored by a seasoned career strategist catering to the modern professional woman, this guide is a reservoir of insights and actionable strategies to shape a resume that not only stands out but resonates with impact. Whether you’re poised for a career leap, striving for a vertical move in your domain, or simply refreshing your professional narrative, this book is your catalyst. Ensure you and your team are armed with strategies that make a difference in today's competitive job market.


Sneak Peak Inside

Table of Contents:

  • Author’s Note

  • Introduction to Resume Writing

  • Chapter One: Tailoring your resume to the job you want

  • Chapter Two: Strong action verbs to use in your resume

  • Chapter Three: Organizing and formatting your resume effectively

  • Chapter Four: Common mistakes to avoid when writing your resume

  • Chapter Five: Tips for showcasing achievements and accomplishments

  • Chapter Six: Using metrics to quantify experience and achievements

  • Chapter Seven: Final thoughts

  • Chapter Eight: Additional resources for resume writing and career development

Author's Note:


Throughout my tenure as a career coach and a professional, I've gleaned the nuances and challenges individuals face in crafting a resume that truly resonates. This book distills years of expertise, aiming to empower its readers with strategies to make their professional narrative both compelling and reflective of their unique value.

Book Introduction:


Dive into "Resume Writing: Tips and Tricks for a Standout Resume". Designed as a beacon for the professional journey, this guide simplifies the intricate art of resume crafting. From understanding the needs of potential employers to projecting one's professional narrative with precision and panache, we traverse a gamut of strategies destined to set your application apart.

Bulk Purchase Opportunities:


Ideal for organizations, training agencies, or groups aiming for collective professional advancement. Equip your team or clientele with a resource that’s set to enhance their career narratives. Contact us for bulk purchase rates.

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