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Top Tier Candidate Blueprint

Private 1: 1 Coaching (6- Weeks)

This program offers a customized private coaching experience that simplifies and accelerates your journey to the position that best aligns with your skills, expertise, and values.


My process helps corporate women confidently secure the specific position within their industry that they are most qualified for by:

  • First, we identify their negative career beliefs and replace them with the truth based upon what those negative beliefs are. We also identify their values and the why behind those values.

  • Then, we assess their hard and soft skills to identify their qualifications and gaps.

  • Next, we match them to the specific industries that are a good fit for them.

  • Finally, we identify the specific roles within the industry that they would be a top tier candidate for based upon their skills, expertise, and values.

Your Investment : $5,000

Once this process is complete, then I am able to create your resume, their LinkedIn profile, cover letter, and conduct mock interviews, complete with targeted questions based upon the roles that they are applying for to prepare them for the real interview. I also teach them how to build relationships with others in their industry so that they already have connections that can help them secure their dream, aligned position.


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Real Results for Real Women

Crafting Career Success on Your Terms

  • Week 1 : Address limiting beliefs and identify your strengths and values, enabling you to have the confidence to pursue your best fit position.

  • Week 2: Assess your hard and soft skills to identify your qualifications and gaps, honing in on aligned industries.

  • Week 3: Match core values and qualifications to compatible companies and roles, ensuring long-term job satisfaction and alignment.

  • Weeks 4 & 5: Develop professional branding (resumes, LinkedIn, cover letters) and conduct mock interviews, boosting their marketability and interview readiness.

  • Week 6: Establish connections with others in your aligned industry, increasing the likelihood of securing an interview.

Top Tier Candidate VIP Day (4 hrs)

You will have the professional branding and networking prowess to attract recruiters, shortening the time it takes to secure your best-fit position.

  1. Develop professional branding (resumes, LinkedIn, cover letters) and conduct mock interviews, boosting your marketability and interview readiness.

  2. Establish connections with others in your aligned industry, increasing the likelihood of securing an interview.

Your Investment : $1,500



Career Strategy Call (90 mins)

Know exactly what specific industry and position is the best-fit for you based upon your skills, expertise, and values.

  • Strengths Assessment: Tailored insights into individual professional attributes, highlighting your unique value in the marketplace.

  • Industry Analysis: Identification of best-suited roles and industries, ensuring you're not wasting time in mismatched jobs.


Schedule now and bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. 

Your Investment: $500

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