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Ready For The Next Step?


Hello, corporate woman! Have you ever found yourself in a position that doesn't align with your unique strengths, skills, and abilities? Or perhaps you're in the right industry but just can't seem to secure that next-level role? Trust me, I've been there. Corporate women hire The Movement Group so they can confidently secure the specific position within their industry that they are most qualified for based on their skills, expertise, and values.

I've experienced the sting of being overlooked and underestimated. I've felt the weight of working tirelessly, only to feel unappreciated. I've also learned how to pivot, triple my salary in record time, and be actively sought out for promotions.

At The Movement Group, we don't just polish resumes or offer interview tips. We're here to help you make more money, while feeling seen, valued, and heard at work. We want you to operate in the fullness of your capacity so that you know you are an asset to the team and are satisfied with the work you are doing. You want to be challenged and be given the chance to meet or even exceed expectations, and we want to make sure that you are in the right environment to do just that, so that you are able to close the gap between where you are in your current role and where you can be based on your skills, expertise, and values. 


Here's to new beginnings, The Movement Group Team


About Us

At The Movement Group LLC, we're all about supporting the courageous corporate woman. Every woman has her own set of strengths and skills. When recognized and embraced, these can open doors to bigger career opportunities. We're here to boost your confidence, helping you climb up the corporate ladder and get closer to financial freedom. If you're a courageous woman in the corporate world looking to grow and showcase your worth, you've come to the right place. Let's work together to help you move up and earn what you truly deserve.

Our Process

At The Movement Group, our mission is to empower corporate women to confidently secure the positions best aligned with their skills, expertise, and values. Here's how we make this a reality for you:


  • Comprehensive Blueprint: We begin by dispelling any negative career beliefs and replacing them with empowering truths. By identifying your core values and the reasons behind them, we lay a solid foundation for your career progression.

  • Industry & Role Matching: Based on your unique skills and values, we guide you towards the industries and specific roles where you'll shine brightest.

  • Professional Branding Documents: Learn the art of building valuable connections within your industry, ensuring you’re well-positioned to secure your dream job.

  • Networking Essentials: Learn the art of building valuable connections within your industry, ensuring you’re well-positioned to secure your dream job.

Key Features


Rooted in Core Values


Bespoke Solutions


Beyond the Basics


Hands-on Guidance


Practical & Actionable

Three individuals sitting at a desk with papers, one deeply concentrating. Caption reads: 'Ready for the next step?'

Ready For The Next Step?

It's not just about the tangible deliverables like resumes and cover letters. We equip you with a repeatable blueprint, ensuring you can navigate future career transitions with confidence. Our deep understanding of industry trends means we know exactly what skills and values are sought after, positioning you ahead of the competition.

Empowered by Our Partnership

Hear from women who've transformed their careers with out support.

J. James

“The Movement Group team provided me with excellent customer service and high quality services. I was treated as if I was their only customer. I also got the job that was applied for through their business expertise and resume. I recommend their services!” 

N. McDonald

“TMG polished my resume and helped me with my interview presentation. The service is tailored to the person. The group looked at my potential and then walked me through the process to put that potential on display. Having a resume on point for my talent and feeling prepared for an interview gives me the confidence to make my next career move.”

P. Hall

“ I hired TMG for a resume package, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. The team was thorough, professional, and really took the time to understand my career goals and highlight my skills and accomplishments. I highly recommend TMG’s resume services to anyone looking to improve their chances of landing a job.”

Let's Work Together!

You're driven to succeed, and we're here to help. At The Movement Group, we don't just provide a service; we partner with you. Together, we'll highlight your strengths and plan your career path. Ready to move forward? Let's work together on your next career step.

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